Consortium members of A4BD are encouraged to communicate to their organizations the call for participation of the citizen science project CSI-COP.

We would like to inform you that we are preparing an online seminar in order to informally educate citizen scientists about human rights on privacy in the digital world. The webinar will enable citizen scientists to acquire the skill of discovering digital trackers hidden behind web pages and inside android smartphones, as well as disabling third-party web tracking. Those interested will have access to our online seminar from April 2021 through the project website ( as well as the EU-Citizen.Science website: https: // eu-citizen. science /
The news is full of privacy breaches and leaks of personal data, most recently the leak of the WhatsApp application which delays the updating of the privacy policy after the revelation that the data of some users may have been given to Facebook *. By default monitoring is not in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP) and the protection of our personal data online should not be a difficult task.
If you and your members want to know more and are interested in participating, do not hesitate to contact us. We will send you future newsletters as well as news of our project. To subscribe to the ‘Citizen Science Forum’ on the CSI-COP website: and on your Twitter account: @cop_csi

For any relevant question or clarification please contact:
Dr. Giannis Gialelis,
Mrs. Konstantina Lantavou,
Mrs. Angeliki Karakonstanti,

* WhatsApp FAQ:

Using a bottom-up approach to assess whether the informed consent and transparency elements in the GDPR are being complied with, specifically on websites and in apps on smart mobile devices, the CSI-COP EU Horizon2020 funded research and innovation project (grant agreement 873169) will engage, educate and inform recruited adults from the general public to become citizen scientists joining the project’s research team. Citizen science affords an invaluable opportunity for interested individuals to volunteer with researchers on real-world challenges. As an effort to ‘open science’, citizen science has the very real potential to optimise the possibility of discovering new knowledge.In the case of the CSI-COP project,this is to co-investigate how far the GDPR is being complied with,since this new data protection framework came into effect on 25 May 2018. Citizen science participation in such a project can increase appreciation of regulations and identify weaknesses in compliance, as well as nurture a better-informed society. Through interaction and volunteering alongside professional scientists, CSI-COP citizen scientists will gain a deeper understanding of the procedures of formal science:data gathering, hypothesis testing, modelling outcomes, and validating research results for veracity(ibid). This can increase their interest and trust in science.This is also one of the aims of the CSI-COP project.

Below, you can find the first newsletter of the project.